About the Forum

Forum Report: Analytics for Payer-Provider Collaboration

Look inside any health care organization – payer or provider – and you’re likely to see a group of chief executives, clinicians, actuaries, data scientists, IT staff, and administrators trying to tackle one of the biggest challenges health care faces today: how to cost-effectively use analytics to improve care delivery.

Research from both NEJM Catalyst and Deloitte demonstrates that most health care leaders are trying to do more with the clinical data generated from costly and time-consuming EHR systems. In fact, 78% of Deloitte survey respondents say clinical analytics will be their top investment priority in the next three years. And 77% of NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members report that guiding clinical leadership is their top goal for their analytics efforts.

With that in mind, analytics became the focus of a forum convened by NEJM Catalyst. Our editors moderated a day of discussions with health care leaders and analytics experts – sponsored by Deloitte. These industry experts candidly shared their optimism and frustration about the potential for data in their organization and across the industry.

The Forum report explores:
  • Best uses for integrated analytics
  • Barriers and opportunities for achieving better outcomes
  • Determining what data are useful
  • Analytics team leadership
  • Recommended paths forward

Don’t miss out on this valuable report.