The introduction of risk to health care delivery is driving providers and payers to seek new ways of doing business. As nimble new players with innovative delivery models are challenging established organizations, changing reimbursements create financial risk that is transforming the provision of care.

In this free, on-demand event produced by NEJM Catalyst, distinguished executives, policymakers, and researchers from leading health care organizations and new entrants will share their unique perspectives and firsthand experiences about the changing health care landscape. Hear from provider and payer leaders, executives from industry start-ups, and researchers about how they are launching new ventures, scaling innovative care delivery models, and testing new payment methodologies.


  • A view into the future of health care delivery
  • Opportunities being seized by innovators, and the impacts on patients, traditional providers, and the delivery system as a whole
  • Shifts in payment policies and methodologies from Medicaid
  • How traditional academic medical centers and hospitals are maintaining their role as centers of excellence in a changing marketplace

 Originally presented on October 6, 2016