Health care leaders today are expected to have the skills to create both short- and long-term strategies that anticipate and respond to the rapidly changing health care environment. They’re faced with the formidable and immediate task of finding innovative solutions to complex challenges facing health care organizations.

In this on-demand webinar produced by NEJM Catalyst and hosted by Mayo Clinic, distinguished leaders and clinical experts from notable health organizations across the country share their perspectives on some of the critical leadership and management issues they face.



  • New perspectives on the unique challenges of leading and directing health care professionals in this rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Awareness of the issues other leaders currently face and how to identify critical problems that may arise in the future.
  • Common strategies and practices that high-performing health care organizations cultivate.
  • Insights into what other leaders are doing to help reduce clinician stress and burnout, and how you can implement appropriate solutions and shape policies in your own organization.
  • Ideas from other organizations on ways to foster innovation, anticipate change, and address dynamic, complex, and risk-laden challenges when faced with a crisis.


 Originally presented on June 2, 2016