Care redesign is occurring across the United States as provider organizations respond to the rapidly changing shift in the design and performance of their current systems of care. Despite these improvements, barriers still stand in the way of the transformation of health care delivery. In order to survive and succeed in a value-based world, providers must strategically rethink how they approach and respond to changes in technology, patient demands, and reimbursements.

In this free, on-demand event produced by NEJM Catalyst, several of the nation’s leading experts in health care delivery will reflect on the ongoing nature of care redesign. Get an inside look at how leaders of provider organizations and researchers are constantly reinventing care to advance its quality, efficiency, and overall value.

You’ll come away with:

  • Tangible approaches to cost-effectively deploy new technology to achieve value without burdening patients or provider teams
  • Insights on why providers and researchers have encountered barriers in care redesign and the lessons learned
  • Tactical strategies to filter out important health care data from the unimportant, and processes for integrating good data in a more meaningful way

Originally Presented on January 19, 2017